about us

about us
Ard Bakery was established in 2022 by Mr. Ali Mojahed who has a long history in baking and making bread.
" Bread is not just a word, bread is the good taste of life", he says. Also continues: Bread and its pleasant aroma always reminded me of my grandmother and the bread she baked in her home oven. This made me pursue my interest and gain the knowledge I need to bake good quality bread. At first, I baked several large loaves of bread at home with ovens and home appliances. Using simple raw materials without instant industrial yeasts made me always have a customer for my breads. So I decided to open Ard Bakery, and started baking large breads, including sourdough breads, donuts, thousand-layer breads, diet breads and multi-grain toasts. At ARD bakery, we produce bread with various grains, including rye flour, wheat flour and barley flour. The purpose and mission of our collection is to produce bread for various diseases, including those with diabetes, those with high blood pressure or cholesterol, or people who want to lose weight. My business belief as the manager of ARD Bakery is to introduce sourdough breads that have unique and healing properties as a staple of people's diet so that everyone can benefit from it.